Another skyscraper to occupy Londons skyline?

With a sharp rise in  gravity defying construction projects, Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal has now announced that he is looking to major cities such as London, Shanghai, Moscow and New York as possible locations for a mile high skyscraper construction project. This would be the worlds tallest building, outshining the Burj Khalifa which stands at 828m. The mile high monstrosity would tower over its predecessor terrifically and being in the city of London would definitely attract increased levels of tourism.

The Prince has not yet stated how the project will be financed should it proceed along with a date of completion. There are various engineering complexities that this building would have to overcome. The main concern would be how water would be supplied economically at the great height but industry experts have stated that it’s not impossible.

Currently, Kingdom Holding are amidst the construction of the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah which is to be 1km tall bypassing the Burj Khalifa as tallest building in the world. It’s expected completion date is to be sometime in 2017.

But is another towering skyscraper what London needs? The tallest building in the UK is currently the Shard at 308m with 87 storeys. The building has become a great tourist attraction in London along with supplying prime space for the retail, hospitality industry as well as for businesses. The London Bridge Quarter, situated on the South Bank of the Thames is to become the new hub for businesses in the capital.

Iconic skyscrapers such as the Burj Khalifa, the soon to be completed Kingdom Tower, the Shard in London along with the Empire State building in New York have changed the skyline of these great cities. Adding another skyscraper to Londons skyline may either define the cities landscape or stick out like a sore thumb!


Architect rap becomes a Youtube hit

The video above has created a frenzy of curiosity recently on social media platform Youtube. The video has already had over 250,000 views which for its specific nature is a huge amount of plays.

The chorus of the rap goes like this…

“We’re architects oh! With creative flair 
Re-designing the world, from buildings to chairs 
It’s a daily grind, but we love what we do 
A satisfying job giving you a better view”

This is an innovative way of recruiting potential architects along with showcasing exactly why architects are important in a way. Produced by YKK AP America who design, engineer and manufacture fenestration systems, this video is just one of many of its kind to show behind the scenes of different industries.

A video was created in 2012 by an organisation outlining the role of the Marketing department. This video however, did not have the same level of reach as the Architects Rap. This can be plainly put down to the fact that the Marketing video was not as well executed as that of the Architects Rap.

Above is the video link to the marketing video created by Smith Group Marketing. It’s unfortunate that this creation only received around 800views in a year whereas the Architect video has so far raised over 300,000 views in just 2 months.

Are there any industry parody videos you’ve seen? They are becomingly increasingly more popular as organisations try and attract more creative and innovative individuals to the industry the video is advertising. Basically, all these videos act as a form of clever recruiting by showing potential employees that these industries are fun and cool to work in.

With its success, the Architects Rap definitely will turn a few heads of prospective graduates and applicants. But was that the main intention?